Saturday, November 19, 2011

Episode 21: This Is Not My Batman Cup

Red runs into some Snorlax and meets The Bikers!

Episode H: Anniversary, Take 2!

Red's second birthday! Red, Blue, and Brock argue about what a ditto looks like.

Episode 20: Revolt of the Zombie Marowak

Red climbs Pokemon Tower... again... fights a ghost... again... and some Rockets!

Episode 19: V

We're back! For real this time!

Episode H: We're Back!

Red is back!

Episode H: Anniversary

Papaya & Draftmaster's contest-winning script! Enjoy!

Episode 18: 8009 Dollars

Red goes on a shopping spree!

Episode 17: Arrows and Peanut Butter

Red travels through the Rocket hideout, meets Giovanni, and finds a money machine!

Professor Oak Teaches Pokémon: Entries 4-6

Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard.

Episode 16: Where the Money is Made

Red explores a Casino, fights a Rocket, and tries to find where the money is made

Episode 15: Friendly Feud

Red goes to a Casino, meets a creepy old man, and challenges Erika to a gym battle

Ad 3: Green and Bugsy

Green runs into Bugsy

Episode 14: Saucy!

Red renames Squirtle, runs into the Red Squirtle Squad, and receives an Eevee!

Episode 13: Green Dream

Red runs into a ghost, and is knocked out for the rest of the episode

Episode 12: Icy Blue

Red arrives at Lavender Town, renames Squirtle, and faces an old rival.

Episode 11: The Black Night

Red travels through Rock Tunnel, and faces the Pewter City Gym Leader... again

Episode 10: The Password Is...

Red challenges Surge to a battle...of smarts!

Episode 9: Vikings Awesome Adventures Part 8

Red is trapped on a giant boat with deadly vikings and none of his Pokémon! How will he escape in one piece?

The Mis-Adventures of Jack Episode 1

Jack catches an Abra and runs into Mew!

Episode 8: Explosive Cargo

Red goes on a boat, battles an electric trainer, and runs into a major problem...

Episode H: Holiday

Red flies back to Pallet Town to wish everyone a Happy Holidays!

Episode 7: He Never Joined The Army

Red fights a rocket, gets a shiny new TM, and runs into an old "friend".

Professor Oak Teaches Pokémon: Entries 1-3

Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur.

Episode 6: The Dragon Gym

Red learns about Rubix cubes, and challenges Misty to a gym battle!

Episode H: A Thanksgiving Tale

Red explains the story of Thanksgiving!

Episode 5: Jailbird

Red gets arrested, and must find a way to escape!

Episode 4: The Aquatic City

Red travels to Cerulean City, where he fights his rival, Blue, and meets Bill.

Episode H: Ding-Dong

Red flies back to Pallet Town for Halloween!

Episode 3: Attack of the Peds

Red finds a new "friend", and has fun in the caves.

Episode 2: Splashing the Cannonball

Red catches a Pikachu, travels through Viridian Forest, and challenges Brock to a battle!

Episode 1: Re-Planting the Tree

Red receives his first Pokémon, and kills an old man!